Wednesday, March 27, 2013

True Wireless Laptops

Laptop makers (including Apple) need to go the iPad way... Have an option of a Cellular data (4G, 3G etc) for every lightweight laptop. Then people don't have to worry about carrying a 'hotspot' with them or using their phone to connect their laptop to the inter-web while on the move.

I have a feeling Apple is going to put it in the Macbook Air as soon as they find some 'room' in the already skinny Air!


  1. Interesting. I think this could be a good idea for laptop makers who are not in the smartpad or tablet PC market.

  2. You are thinking of a Chromebook. :-)

    1. Chromebook Pixel with LTE.

  3. I guess google had the same idea as me... but I am looking for a laptop more than a netbook... for office work as well... but i agree it isnt too far fetched an idea..